V2G, Explained with Paul Vosper of JuiceBar

Happy New Year and welcome back to EV Chat, powered by 365 Pronto. This season, we’re going back to school, bringing you deep dives into the key components and terms in electric vehicle infrastructure.  

This week, our lesson is all about how we can use our to power our homes. You heard me right. Today, we’re plugging into the vehicle to grid (V2G) world.

We are pleased to welcome back to the show Paul Vosper, CEO of JuiceBar, and fellow V2G enthusiast. Paul is a seasoned business development professional with more than 25 years of industry experience.  

A graduate of Georgetown University and Duke University School of Law, Paul has a deep understanding of EV infrastructure, clean energy, real estate, and smart city initiatives, and how public policy can bolster our quest for a more sustainable society. 

 In this episode, Rue and Paul cover several key topics including:

Paul breaks down V2G [3:25 – 5:50]
EVs as battery storage [5:51 – 7:31]
Best uses for V2G? [7:32 – 9:43]
Bidirectional devices [9:44 – 11:38]
Limitations to bidirectional advancement [11:39 – 13:34]
Innovation at JuiceBar [13:35 – 14:17]

365 Pronto, Inc. Sponsor Segement [14:18 – 15:50]

Homes of the future: utilities and V2G [15:51 – 19:26]
Emergency backups with V2G [19:27 – 20:48]
V2G and fleets: acting as mobile batteries [20:49 – 22:29]
Buying chargers with bidirectional functionality [22:30 – 23:18]
Car manufacturers and V2G capabilities [23:19 – 25:40]
What should look for when buying an EV? [25:41 – 26:38]
Battery energy storage and solar integration with EV? [26:39 – 28:29]
Overcoming barriers to EV adoption [28:30 – 29:53]
Limitations of V2G [29:54 – 32:10]

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