365 Pronto provides Customers and Providers a Platform that DNA Matches the most simple or complex Assets to qualified and available Techs & Pals


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      About Us

365 Pronto’s Platform provides our Customers an on-demand and local work force solution, and our Providers access to an additional revenue stream, by matching the availability, location, and skillset of the Providers with the requirements and attributes of a Customer's Assets and Requirements. The Platform reduces our user’s direct and indirect service costs by automatically dispatching a Work Order entered by our Customers to the matched Provider’s compliant, localized, and available labor on a national level.

A Customer (commercial or residential) is an owner of, or responsible party for, energy assets and is using the Platform to match to a qualified Provider to service their Asset. (i.e. Original Equipment Manufacturer, Operations & Maintenance Company, Asset Management Company, or Responsible Host)

365 Pronto Platform

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A Provider is a company that is either: (i) a licensed trade-professional in the Electrical, Solar, EVCharger and/or Battery storage industries, or (ii) a non-trade licensed tech-savvy service company. Depending on the Provider’s status as a contractor, their employees will qualify to perform different scopes of work. A Provider uses the Platform to gain access to a new stream of revenue through matching the Provider’s qualifications with Work Order requirements.

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Every Work Order, Customer, and Provider has a unique set of attributes (“DNA”). Our unique methodology is centered around our DNA match-style Platform. The Pronto Platform automates the matching of the Customer’s Work Order DNA with the Qualified Provider’s DNA. The Work Order is digitally dispatched to our geo-located Techs through our web and mobile offerings and adminstered by 365 Pronto.

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