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The Reinvention of O&M

We match cleantech asset owners with a local and on-demand installation and service workforce.

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What We Do

We are a transformative platform dedicated to simplifying the IoT cleantech installation and service landscape by matching asset owners with an on-demand qualified workforce through automated DNA-match technology.

For asset owners, the platform reduces direct and indirect service costs by automatically matching the attributes of their asset and scope of work requirements to a local, compliant, and qualified service provider. No bidding, no contracts, no vetting needed.

For service providers, the platform represents an additional revenue stream by matching the availability, location, and skillsets of their technicians with the needs and attributes of a customer’s work order.

IoT Cleantech Revolution

The world’s economy is decarbonizing through renewable energy generation, the electrification of vehicles, and the connection of smart devices in the internet of things.

Hockey Stick Growth

We’re past the inflection point now: out in the real world, physical cleantech assets like solar systems, battery storage, and EV charging stations are being added at an exponential rate.

The Everywhere Market

This isn’t an American issue or a European issue, nor is it for a small niche of the industry. Maintaining IoT cleantech will be an issue for anyone with a building and a vehicle.

O&M Needs Reinventing

There’s a tidal wave of cleantech coming, and incremental tweaks won’t do it. Someone needs to design a new operating model, to reinvent this space, to bring a tech solution to an analog problem in the likes of Amazon, Uber, DoorDash, and more. We know that someone is us.

How We Do It

Every IoT or cleantech asset has a particular set of attributes-the technology type, manufacturer, site location, etc., that make up its unique “DNA.” These assets are uploaded to the platform.

Every service provider also has a set of attributes of certification, compliance, and competence that make up their unique DNA. These providers are also uploaded to the platform.

When service issues arise, asset owners can select their site location and asset and generate a new work order. Our technology “reads” the unique DNA of the asset and matches the service scope requirements with the technical certification, compliance, and competence to a pool of local service providers. Only qualifying providers will receive this work order opportunity. The first service provider to pick up the work order owns it, then schedules and completes the work and receives pay within 7-10 days.

Who We Help  

Our platform fits any number of IoT or clean technology applications across a variety of market segments. Private sector or public institution, enormous portfolio or a handful of assets; it matters not, the platform helps any asset owner looking for a better way to operate.

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