Terry O’Day of In-Charge Energy on EV Fleet Electrification Adoption

We welcome August with a new episode of EV Chat featuring Terry O’Day, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of In-Charge Energy to discuss EV fleet electrification. Terry cofounded In-Charge Energy in 2019.  It is the leader in electric charging infrastructure for truck and bus fleets in the United States, serving over 65,000 customers in the U.S.

Previously, Terry led the Market Development and the Western United States for EVgo, taking the company from its first public fast charging installation in 2011 to more than 1,000 chargers nationwide and overseeing an investment program of over $140 million.

Terry currently serves as Mayor Pro Tempore for the City of Santa Monica and was first elected in November 2010.  He became the leading example of environmental land use planning in the state, reducing projected per capita greenhouse gas emissions from land-use by 31 percent in 25 years.

He has an MBA from The UCLA Anderson School of Management and BA with honors from Stanford University, with a behavioral economics thesis addressing national savings policy using lessons from energy conservation policies.

In this episode, we cover several key topics including:
Terry’s proudest moment [3:00 – 4:42]
First EV rental company [4:46 – 5:57]
What is InCharge up to? [6:30 – 8:42]
Pairing with manufacturers and fleets to offer services [8:45 – 922]
Status of fleet electrification adoption [9:23 – 11:47]
Are we investment ready? [11:48 – 13:55]
Grants and incentives for public infrastructure [13:56 -16:06]
Public investment and its impact on health [16:07 – 17:06]
L2 chargers and faster charging capabilities [17:07 – 19:27]
Infrastructure market uptake forecasts [19:28 – 20:51]
Utility service planning and bottlenecks [20:52 -22:10]
Skilled electrician demands and bottlenecks [22:11 – 23:41]
Servicing EV infrastructure and operability [23:42 – 26:57]
Disruptive technologies in the market [27:06 – 30:32]
What’s the hottest EV? [30:33 – 31:10]

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