“Talking the EV Talk” with Rue and Dr. Abas Goodarzi

We’re glad you’re here for episode 2 of back to school in the electric vehicle (EV) classroom! Last show, we covered the ABCs of EVs and went through all of those electric vehicle acronyms that we throw out all the time. In this episode, we’re continuing our EV education by doing the same with some of the jargon that we encounter every day. 

As with the terms we went over in the ABCs of EVs, we’ll be digging deep into some of these things throughout the season. Be sure to bookmark or save these, and even share them with friends who are EV curious. 

Dr. Abas Goodarzi is the Chief Scientist at Ideanomics and the CEO of U.S. Hybrid. He’s an award-winning scientist who’s got a big resume and the know-how to back it up. He literally wrote the book on the topic! 

In this episode, Rue and the Doc cover several key topics including:

Amp/Volt/Watt [2:30 – 6:11]
Charging Station Breakdown [6:12 – 6:34]
Connectors/ CHAdeMo Plug [6:35 – 9:59]
Utility Rate [10:01 – 10:25]
Peak Demand [10:26 – 11:10]
Off-Peak Hours [11:11 – 11:40]
Peak Shaving [11:41 – 12:36]
Fleet [13:37 – 13:09]
Pure Electric [13:10 – 13:23]
Range [13:24 – 13:52]
Frunk [13:53 – 14:14]
Regenerative Breaking  [14:15- 18:24]
Super Charger [18:25 – 20:18]

Resources mentioned in this article:
1. Learn more about Ideanomics and US Hybrid
2. CCS1 Standard of Communication 

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