365 Pronto Secures Prominent Operations Leader Keli Parker as COO

Parker brings Fortune 500 experience to national cleantech firm 

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (November 18, 2021)—365 Pronto, Inc., a cleantech platform that is revolutionizing the operations and maintenance (O&M) of renewable energy assets, is pleased to announce the hire of Keli Parker as Chief Operating Officer (COO).  

In her role at 365 Pronto, Parker will apply her 25 years of strategic, transformational operations leadership to oversee the company’s day-to-day functions and play a key role in its long-term strategy. Parker will report to Scott Tonn, 365 Pronto’s CEO. Her first day was October 29.  

“We are thrilled that Keli chose to join 365 Pronto’s leadership and share her expertise with our firm,” said Tonn. “Keli’s passion for optimizing operations—along with her achievements in driving efficiency and profitability—makes her a perfect addition to 365 Pronto’s C-suite.”  

Parker has led transformation and growth efforts in small and large companies and brings a multifaceted supply chain background with a strong focus on the customer and employee experience, optimized process improvement, and complex problem-solving.

Keli Parker,
365 Pronto Chief Operating Officer

Most recently, Parker was the Business Unit Senior Leader of Veritiv Corporation (NYSE: VRTV), a Fortune 300 company, where she led her unit to be a top profit driver. She managed a team of more than 100 direct and indirect reports to execute and operate new and existing business with Fortune 500 companies. While at Veritiv, Parker also directed a team that standardized and optimized operations across the company’s footprint of more than 140 facilities. She managed more than 100 outsourced partners, driving fivefold revenue growth over a five-year strategic growth plan.  

“Throughout my career, I’ve held every job from dispatcher to director to COO. While the positions and industries may change, I have always prized a top-notch experience for every team member, customer, and provider along the way,” Parker said. “I am ecstatic to join 365 Pronto at this exciting time and work together to scale the platform and grow our company into the country’s leading cleantech operations and maintenance solution.”  

Previously, Parker was the Group Director, Supply Chain & Innovation, at Fortune 500 company Ryder System, Inc. (NYSE: R), where she led supply chain operations in the western U.S. She oversaw 500 employees, influenced a portfolio of more than 200 customers totaling $100 million in revenue, and developed numerous new products and services that saved customers 10-15 percent in supply chain costs across Ryder Supply Chain Services.  

Prior to Ryder, she held positions—from Account Manager to Vice President—at companies including Agility, AMS, APL, and Albertsons.   

“As we continue to expand our nationwide coverage of service providers who can maintain and service electric vehicle and solar photovoltaic—as well as related Internet-of-things and battery storage—assets, we are proud to have Keli at the helm of our operations function,” said Rue Phillips, 365 Pronto’s President and Co-founder. “Her impressive resume demonstrates her deep understanding of the intricate operational needs of a rapidly growing platform like 365 Pronto, and we look forward to continued growth with her on board.”   

Parker holds a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management and finance from Syracuse University and a master’s degree in computer information science from the University of California, Berkeley. She is based in the firm’s Scottsdale, AZ, headquarters.  

ABOUT 365 PRONTO, INC: 365 Pronto, Inc. is the world’s first predictive platform that uses proprietary technology to match cleantech asset owners with local, on-demand, certified service providers. This cutting-edge, user-friendly solution is revolutionizing cleantech operation and maintenance—all without contracts, membership fees, obligations, or bidding. Service made simple. Additional information is available at www.365pronto.com.   


Media Contact:  
Rachel Moore  
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Editor’s note: Parker’s headshot, as well as 365 Pronto’s high-resolution logo, are available. Contact Rachel Moore to schedule an interview with Parker.   

New Season of EV Chat Podcast Goes “Back to School” to Demystify the World of Electric Vehicles

Podcast is hosted by EV infrastructure pioneer Rue Phillips, powered by 365 Pronto, Inc. 

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (November 4, 2021)—Electric vehicle (EV) development and investment continue to accelerate, bringing a new vocabulary of terms and concepts. Those new to EVs may feel like they must learn a whole new language before they buy their next car—and even the savviest of EV fans have new things to learn.  

EV Chat, a podcast sponsored by 365 Pronto, Inc., and host Rue Phillips, are here to help. In its second season, EV Chat is taking listeners “back to school” to demystify the world of electric cars, one term, acronym, and concept at a time.  

“For more than 30 years, I have worked to help get as many people as we can into EVs,” Phillips said. “I am proud of the progress we’ve made, but we have a long way to go to make EVs a more accessible and approachable mode of transportation. That’s why we’re taking the second season of EV Chat back to school, and offering our listeners solid EV information, wherever they get podcasts.” 

Phillips has been recognized as a pioneer and leader in the EV infrastructure, solar, and renewable energy industries. In his early years, he collaborated with Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath before he transitioned into the electrical space, where he installed the first GM EV1 private electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE).  

Current listeners can expect the same EV enthusiasm and rock-and-roll flair they’ve come to love, and those new to the show and EVs can learn from Phillips and his expert guests. 

Each episode dives into key topics and components of EV infrastructure and helps everyone get up to speed about the past, present, and future of EVs. Special guests include Dr. Abas Goodarzi, CEO of U.S. Hybrid; Sue Gander, Project Manager of the World Resources Institute’s Electric School Bus Initiative; James Tillman, VP of Business Development at Brytemove; Paul Vosper, CEO of JuiceBar; and more. 

“When you’ve worked with EVs as long as I have, you know that there’s always something new to discover about how we’re electrifying our transportation,” Phillips added. “This season’s episodes—and our special guests—show us how much we all can continue to learn from each other, no matter whether you’re thinking about your first EV or have had them for years.”  

Phillips is also the co-founder and president of 365 Pronto, Inc., a cleantech platform revolutionizing the operations and maintenance of renewable energy assets.  

EV Chat is available on major podcasting platforms and can be found on Twitter @EV_Chat.  


Media Contact: 
Rachel A. Moore 
Communications Manager 
(480) 626-1603 Ext. 410 

Editor’s Note: Rue Phillips is available for bookings as a podcast guest, as well as for interviews about EV Chat, 365 Pronto, Inc., and the cleantech verticals it serves. Contact Rachel Moore to schedule. Phillips’ high-resolution headshot and an EV Chat graphic are available for download and use.

365 Pronto Processes Team Record 30 Work Orders in under 30 Minutes

When our partners have big jobs that need to be done right and done fast, they call us. Recently, a 365 Pronto customer in Texas reached out to us with an urgent need to process 30 work orders. The 365 Pronto platform processed 30 work orders in 30 minutes with minimal intervention. That’s not just fast…that’s PRONTO, and it’s a new record for our team. 

365 Pronto’s ability to effectively process large, high-stakes work orders isn’t just isolated to Texas or a single customer. We can make this happen across the country, and for YOU. Our revolutionary platform is ready to match you with our nationwide network of certified and competent providers to service and maintain your solar, electric vehicle charging, and related IoT and battery storage devices.  

Watch the video below to learn more about how 365 Pronto can help you manage your cleantech assets. 

365 Pronto Announces Henry Dziuba as New Chief Revenue Officer

365 Pronto, Inc. an IoT cleantech company reinventing the O&M space, announced today the appointment of Henry Dziuba to the position of Chief Revenue Officer. Reporting to CEO Scott Tonn, Dziuba will oversee overall revenue operations, direct sales, channel sales, and strategic partnerships. 

“We’re incredibly excited to add Henry to our executive team,” said Tonn, “he brings the strong leadership we need at this critical inflection point in the company’s growth and along with a network of rich contacts and deep expertise in the solar industry.” 

Most recently, Dziuba was the Chief Commercial Officer at Strata Clean Energy, a leader in utility-scale solar and battery storage development and construction across the US. At Strata he successfully established a C&I division, where he contracted and constructed over 60MW of projects across 17 States within just 2 years.

Henry Dziuba, CRO 365 Pronto
Henry Dziuba, CRO
365 Pronto

Dziuba then took over the role of Chief Commercial Officer in 2018 driving and optimizing the integration and alignment between all revenue-related functions. Proving successful in this, Dziuba’s role later expanded to include the development and expansion of the engineering, procurement, and logistics divisions resulting in a significant construction pipeline as well as the well-published 500MW long-term procurement commitment with LONGi, a major solar panel manufacturer.  

“To be able to land great executive talent from a market leader like Strata,” said Tonn, “really validates the sophistication of our business model and attractiveness of our company. His understanding of the solar space will be incredibly invaluable to leverage 365 Pronto’s ability to deliver mass-scale solutions similar to the nationwide CDMA replacement work we’ve got underway.”  

Previous to Strata, Dziuba was also President and General Manager at SMA America, where he was involved in the development of their market-leading O&M strategy (later implemented globally) and pushed SMA ahead to reach the number one inverter supplier across all North American segments. Before this, he was responsible for setting up and establishing SMA UK Ltd. and also gained critical channel management experience and leadership in his role as National Distribution Manager for Schneider Electric in the UK. 

“I’m thrilled and excited to join the executive team at 365 Pronto. The technology developed by the company offers us a great opportunity to redefine O&M services for both the PV and EV residential and commercial markets and simplify service for portfolio managers and residential customers alike.”  

His start date with 365 Pronto was Monday, May 3rd. 

365 Pronto Unveils New Platform, Smartphone Apps

365 Pronto Inc., the innovative platform transforming the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and renewable energy operations and maintenance (O&M), service, and installation landscape, revealed its new platform and ground-breaking apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.

These additions to 365 Pronto’s technology offerings illustrate the company’s commitment to an unparalleled seamless and efficient user experience. The 365 Pronto platform matches EVSE and renewable energy sector customers and their assets local to its on-demand providers and their technicians. 

During its showcase at the 2019 Solar Power International (SPI) Convention in Salt Lake City, 365 Pronto successfully demonstrated its automated asset DNA-match technology.  The company’s unique DNA-match technology compares the customer’s location, asset, and scope of work requirements to the qualifications of the provider, installer, or service technician to deliver the perfect economic and technical match. 365 Pronto’s platform automatically establishes the contract and dispatches the installer or service technician. 

365 Pronto delivers its provider partners and their service technicians a new and local opportunity and offers its customers a one-stop, automated environment to achieve unrivaled maintenance and installation cost efficiencies for their solar photovoltaic, EVSE, and battery-supported assets. 

365 Pronto is proud to have an exclusive partnership with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners®(NABCEP). NABCEP is one of the most well-established and widely recognized national certification organizations for professionals in the field of renewable energy. This partnership provides 365 Pronto with a source of independent technicians and providers for customers who need immediate and local service for their residential, commercial, and utility solar systems; EV charging stations; and battery storage facilities.  

Rue Phillips, Founder and President of 365 Pronto, commented, “I am thrilled and this day has come. I have a passion to Uber-ize this industry and can’t wait to have our customers and provider partners get onboard our game-changing 365 Pronto platform. Let’s go!” 

365 Pronto has engaged hundreds of providers and their technicians after its showcase at SPI, and already boasts provider partners in nearly every US market. The app-driven platform is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and—through its qualified provider—aims to reduce costs and deliver a high-quality service to its customers nationwide. 

365 Pronto and NABCEP Partner to Deploy Qualified Local Technicians to Solar and EV Installations in Effort to Localize, Automate, and Improve O&M Response Time

365 Pronto is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with NABCEP to recruit and hire only NABCEP qualified technicians to service our partners in the solar, electric vehicle (EV) charging, and battery storage space. The NABCEP partnership will provide 365 Pronto a source of independent technicians in areas where our manufacturer partners need an immediate and local response to service residential, commercial, and utility solar systems, EV charging stations, and battery storage facilities located in public and private locations. In addition, NABCEP will work with its list of registered training providers to ensure that they are developing specialized training courses for technicians. 365 Pronto is privileged to unveil this strategic alliance with NABCEP.


365 Pronto is a technology-driven service company that is changing the landscape of the operations and maintenance (O&M) services industry, with a focus on PV, EV, and battery storage. The on-demand, pay-as-you-go service sends a local NABCEP-qualified technician to service solar, EV chargers, and battery-operated systems, in the shortest time possible, using an app-driven platform compatible with most popular smartphones. 365 Pronto delivers skilled technicians using an elite, localized NABCEP network, eliminating the overhead costs of unplanned maintenance for PV, EV, and battery-operated systems. The process aims to reduce costs and deliver a high-quality service to our customers.


The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners® (NABCEP®) is the most respected, well-established, and widely recognized national certification organization for professionals in the field of renewable energy. NABCEP offers credentials for skilled professionals, specialists, and those new to working in the areas of photovoltaics, solar heating, and small wind technologies. NABCEP’s mission is to develop and implement quality credentialing and certification programs for practitioners by supporting and working closely with professionals and stakeholders in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries.