365 Pronto – Authorized LG Energy Solution Service Provider

Provider Battery Response Page for the home battery products of LG Energy Solution

LG Energy Solution, ESS Battery Division, has designated 365 Pronto to respond to the Firmware upgrade project for the RESU family of Home Batteries. This includes both the tracking and logistics related to either the need for a Manual Firmware Update or a Battery Removal and Replacement (“Service Types”)

​The 365 Pronto Platform will be the project hub to (1) track all Services Types, (2) have a single point for all billing and payments, & (3) create a central location to track the distribution of required tools needed for the Service Types. 

If you, as the Original Installer, are interested in performing these Service Types, please mark such below. If you are not already a Pronto Provider, please start the registration process ASAP. If your company meets the requirements to perform the Service Type as defined by LG, when a Work Order is created on the Pronto Platform your company will have the initial opportunity to accept the Work Order.  

If you are not interested in performing the Service Types, please simply fill out this form and 365 Pronto will take care of the rest.

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