The Big, Big Problem

Beyond ongoing warranty obligations, OEMs have the measurable probability of a total system-wide or asset category technical failure numbering in the hundreds of thousands, or even millions. Regardless of the reason why, these events can wreak havoc and result in:


  • Tarnished consumer reputation

  • Loss of public confidence and near-term sales 

  • Increased replacement and S&H costs

  • Wrecked warranty reserve balances 

  • Negatively impacted stock price (if public)

  • Potential lawsuits

  • Increased scrutiny by regulatory authorities


For these sorts of issues, only a highly-structured, centralized response and programmatic implementation will suffice.  Fortunately, Pronto’s platform is designed and capable of just this kind of structured parts replacement or corrections program that must be conducted nationwide or globally. Limit the damage by leveraging our platform to get it under control.


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