Robert Rizzo

VP of Operations

Rob has over 24 years of business experience in the electric vehicle battery industry. Rob began with electrical design engineering in Los Angeles as President and CEO of Charging Ahead Electric, one of the pioneer companies to install the first 400 EV chargers in the 90’s for GM, Nissan, Ford, Honda and Chrysler. During his time at Ecotality he led a $230M US Department of Energy (DOE) project to deploy and analyze data collected from vehicles and 15,000 EV charging stations. Beyond his commercial work, Rob’s expertise has also been applied to R&D projects for the DOE, including hydrogen/natural gas cogeneration fueling infrastructure, battery vehicle technology testing and evaluation, advanced technology smart grid applications and Level 3 fast-charging station developments. Altogether Rob’s work has impacted over 25,000 electric vehicle charging asset installations throughout the US and Canada, making him Pronto’s resident EV expert and excellence-in-operations leader.