If you’re a home or business owner with a solar system, battery storage, or EV charging station, let’s be real: it’s a straight-up hassle to get it fixed. You can Google, call around, leave voicemails, get prices, read reviews, conduct research on options, etc., but how can you be sure they’re really qualified? Or have all their licenses and insurance in order? It’s expensive, time-consuming, and a headache; if the asset breaks again, you get to have the pleasure of repeating much of the process.


Our user-friendly platform allows small-scale owners with just a handful of assets (or even just one) to save money, time, and energy. Simply list the asset needing repair on the platform and create a corresponding work order. The platform’s unique DNA matching technology will then “read” the work needing to be done and automatically dispatch it at a fixed price to local, compliant, and qualified providers to execute the work. No more price shopping, email exchanges, or the risk of overpaying.

Customer Experience

Our customer experience was carefully and intentionally designed to remove friction points and help get the corrective maintenance needed for their assets as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why Businesses Choose Us:

On-Demand Workforce

Access a certified, competent, and compliant workforce.

Easy to Use

Clean and intuitive user interface.

No Contracts

It’s a platform, not a contract: no commitments, no financial obligations, or risk.

Full Compliance

Peace of mind knowing your provider is compliant with local regulations.

No Fees

Only pay-as-you-go.

Nationwide Provider Coverage

Local technicians in every nook and cranny where you need them.

API Integration

Available as an additional service, contact for details.

Never Overpay

Get matched right: don’t send an electrician when a non-licensed tech will do.

“I have had a better experience with 365 Pronto over the past several months than I have had with my previous providers over the last 3 years.”

Seth Cooper

Director of Asset Management
Technology Credit Corporation

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Don’t wait until your PV system, battery, or EV charger is down. Get your assets listed today and save time, energy, and money when a repair is needed.