Customer FAQs

Our onboarding process is simple and efficient. You can begin the process by going to and selecting the type of customer from the “Customers” tab. From there, you will find the “Customer Onboarding ” button at the bottom of the page.  

Once you have filled out your general information, you can submit your initial application and the team will review it.

There are no membership fees associated with the platform. There is a $25 flat fee to create a work order and the platform adds a standard 15% service fee to the overall work order price.

A traditional O&M contract is binding. We do not make you sign a contract nor pay for monthly, quarterly, or annual O&M services. Instead, you pay as you go for specific services that you request.

Our team can take care of adding all your locations and assets. All you need to do is send us the list in a .csv format, and we will handle the rest.

The platform will match your service needs with only the technicians who meet your location and work order criteria. If you have technicians with whom you regularly, we can get them onboarded to the 365 Pronto platform, and they can then become your “Preferred Provider” for a specific location.

The team can switch a provider to a “non-preferred status” for your account. This would then disable them from receiving work orders to install, maintain, or repair your assets. Contact your account manager if you have questions.

No, you do not have to contact the technician to schedule the work. They will connect with the site contact on file and schedule a time that works best for everyone.

Our selection of work orders cover preventive and corrective maintenance work, as well as some installations.

Residential customers can reach out to the provider to coordinate—and reschedule—the date and time of service.

Commercial customers should work with their site contact to reschedule the service.

While customer agreements may vary, all customers will receive an invoice based on their specific payment terms and timelines.

The platform automatically matches the service scope requirements with a pool of local providers. We only match customers with providers who fit our three Cs—certification, compliance, and competence—so the compliance risk is removed, and you only pay for the level of skill you need for the job.

We work with our customers to find the best pricing for their operations and maintenance work. We determine the best pricing fit between our customers and providers and contact you if we think pricing should be adjusted.

This is a relatively common instance. We can adjust the scope of work in real-time and add additional assets to an “In Progress” ticket. Just give us a call, and we will handle the communication with the on-site technician.

The “Work Order” tab will update in real-time as the work order is underway. You will receive a notification via email as the status changes. You will know the work order is complete when the platform has verified it.

While customers cannot run reports, you can view all your work orders, including the location, provider, key dates, and status, through the “Work Order” tab. From there, you also can view the service history for assets at your location.

Getting started is as easy as going to and selecting “Onboard” in the top right corner. From here, you will take two minutes to input general company information such as company address, contact information, and admin user information.

Once you submit your information, the team will review your profile. If approved, you then will receive an automated email containing a registration link that will allow you to create a password for the system. We like to meet with commercial customers one-on-one to build out specific service types unique to your locations and assets.

The more requirements and details you provide, the more information our platform has to match our providers’ qualifications to each work order. These additional details also help our technicians have the most knowledge about your site before their visit.

The email will come from “” If you do not see it in your primary inbox, be sure to check your junk, clutter, or spam folder.

A “contact” is listed as the contact for a specific office location (i.e., account payable, support personnel, etc.), and a “user” is a manager or admin that will be assigned to a specific office.

You must upload information for at least one technician to complete your profile. (Note: A provider admin must submit account creations and details. The technician will not have login credentials until the provider’s profile has been submitted and validated.)

Certain fields—including “name,” “address,” “service area,” “special requirements,” “accepting WO,” and “emergency contact”—are editable after your profile has been validated. All other fields are temporarily locked. Please get in touch with a team member to request edits to a locked field.

When our providers are on-site, they often notice issues with other assets that may be down or showing distress. If this is the case, we try our best to contact all parties involved to take care of any additional services that may come up while the technician is working through the ticket.