Vic Shao CEO of AMPLY Power on EV Charging Solutions

In this episode of  EV Chat, Rue Phillips interviews Vic Shao, CEO of AMPLY Power, the leader in charging solutions for public and private electric vehicle fleets. Before founding AMPLY, Vic was the founder & CEO of Green Charge Networks (GCN), an energy storage company that manages electric demand and renewable deployment for customers. After GCN was acquired by the international energy provider ENGIE in 2016, Vic oversaw global project development for ENGIE Energy Storage. Vic was named to the 2020 Grist 50 list, as one of 50 “fixers,” for his work to provide new solutions to the planet’s biggest problems.

In this episode, we cover several key topics including:

Variables for fleet electrification [2:40 – 4:30]
Key technology adaptation [6:20 – 8:15]
International collaboration [8:26 – 10:00]
Electrification and utility service upgrades [10:05 – 10:50]
Amply’s automated charging process [12:40 –  13:35]
Consumer EV adaptation [14:05 – 16:02]
Amply’s plan for a greener planet [19:21 – 20:32]
And lots more!

Connect with Vic on Linkedin.

Resources mentioned in this article

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  4. FactCheck. Climate Change and EV’s

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