The ABCs of Electric Vehicles with Rue and Dr. Abas Goodarzi

Welcome to EV Chat Season 2! We’re mixing things up a bit and taking you back to school. In this episode and the next, we’ll break down all of the pesky acronyms and jargon so everyone can speak confidently about all things electric vehicles (EV).

This episode is all about the ABCs of EVs. We’re leaning straight into the alphabet soup. To help us dig into these terms, we’d like to welcome, Dr. Abas Goodarzi, who is our resident scientist, as we wade through the EV dictionary.

Dr. Abas Goodarzi is the Chief Scientist at Ideanomics and the CEO of U.S. Hybrid.  He’s an award-winning scientist who’s got a big resume and the know-how to back it up. He literally wrote the book on the topic!

In this episode, Rue and the Doc cover several key topics including:
Alternating Current (AC) / Direct Current (DC) [3:22 – 4:09]
The family of EV-related terms (BEV, PHEV, HEV, etc.) [4:10 – 8:00]
Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)  [8:05 – 8:42]
Internal combustion engine (ICE) [8:43 – 9:07]
Range per hour (RPH) [9:08 – 9:53]
Kilowatt/ Kilowatt Hour (kW/kWh) [9:54 – 12:34]

Fluke Sponsor Segment [12:35 – 14:04]

Time of use (TOU) [14:05 – 18:17]
Range extender (REX) [18:18 – 18:59]
Zero-emissions vehicle (ZEB) [19:00 – 19:28]
Vehicle to grid (V2G) [19:30 -20:19]

Resources mentioned in this article:
1. Learn more about Ideanomics and US Hybrid
2. Read up on Fluke and their FEV100

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