Paul Vosper, CEO of JuiceBar, on EVSE Reliability and Grid Decarbonization

We are pleased to welcome Paul Vosper, CEO of JuiceBar to discuss EVSE reliability. Paul is a seasoned business development professional with more than 25 years of industry experience. A graduate of Georgetown University and Duke University School of Law, Paul has a deep understanding of EV infrastructure, clean energy, real estate, and smart city initiatives, and how public policy can bolster our quest for a more sustainable society.

In this episode, Rue and Paul cover several key topics including:
From commercial real estate to EV O&M [2:00 – 2:41]
Early days of building EVSE mass adoption [2:48 – 3:38]
JuiceBar first to build American EV charger [3:39 – 5:18]
Quality control and supply chain [5:19 – 6:28]
Challenges with “Made in America” [6:29 – 7:32]
Similarities and differences in JuiceBar clients [7:33 – 9:15]
EVSE barriers in multi-family dwellings [9:16 – 12:11]
Super chargers [12:12 – 12:53]

Sponsor Segment: Fluke’s FEV100 [13:01 – 14:26]

What would Paul do with $500 billion? [14:26 – 16:15]
Reliability and JuiceBar’s product [16:33 – 18:11]
Paul rates reliability of current EVSE [18:15 – 19:15]
Best incentives to jumpstart EV adoption [19:27 – 21:55]
Are lawmakers missing the mark on EVSE? [21:26 – 23:29]
Climate change education and mitigation [23:23 – 24:16]
Decarbonizing the grid [24:19 – 25:42]
The wackiest thing Paul has done in an EV [25:45 – 26:30]

Resources mentioned in this article:

  1. Learn more about JuiceBar here
  2. Check out Fluke’s FEV100, the latest and greatest EV Charging Station EVSE Adapter

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