Lew Cox on Designing Better EVSE

Welcome back to EV Chat and Season 3! Today’s episode is sponsored by Fluke Corporation, and it is a special one.  
We are pleased to welcome Lew Cox, director of business development for MD7. 
MD7 is a real estate portfolio management and consulting company for the wireless telecommunications industry. Lew has been with MD7 since 2015, and he and the team are doing loads of work in planning for a safer, more connected EVSE landscape. 
Lew is energized by the rapid convergence of the auto and mobile industries and is committed to helping make autonomous vehicles a reality.  He is responsible for developing new business opportunities in the EV charging space for MD7, which builds from his experience as a salesperson and trainer at Ford Motor Company and mobile infrastructure at MD7. Since joining MD7 in 2014, Lew has progressed as a negotiator, team leader, project manager, trainer, and business development. 

In February, he published a post on LinkedIn debunking a lot of myths about driving EVs, range anxiety, and the perception that EVs are not adequately powerful for our daily use. 

In this episode, Rue and Lew (don’t you love the way that sounds?) cover several key topics including:

MD7’s real estate approach to EVSE [2:18 – 3:20]
Misguided perception of EVs [3:21 – 4:18]
EV charging station safety [4:19 – 5:32]
Improving EVSE visibility [5:33 – 6:25]
EVSE placement and range anxiety [6:26 – 8:06]
Lew’s thoughts on EV adoption [8:07 – 8:42]
Preparing for the 3G sunset [8:43 – 10:32]
V2E or “vehicle to everything” [10:33 – 12:06]

Fluke Corporation Sponsor Segment [12:07 – 13:30]

Lew rates EVSEaccessibility & reliability [13:33 – 14:45]
Lew’s wish list from the federal government [14:46 – 16:22]
EVSE & multifamily dwellings [16:23 – 18:11]
Challenges in implementing EVSE [18:12 – 20:35]
Filling the gaps in EVSE availability [20:36 – 22:34]
V2E part II [22:35 – 25:16]
Peak demand shaving [25:17 – 26:44]
What’s Lew’s favorite EV? [26:45 – 29:13]

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