Jordan Ramer of EV Connect on EV Adoption Scenarios

In Episode 4 of EV Chat, we bring you another star of the EV world – Jordan Ramer of EV Connect. Jordan is an accomplished technology executive and entrepreneur. He has helped raise tens of millions of dollars in financing for growth companies in the clean energy, transportation, and resource efficiency sectors. 

Prior to founding EV Connect, he led corporate development for NanoH2O, a venture-backed developer of energy-efficient water purification technology. Previously, he held executive positions in business development, product management, and marketing at AeroVironment, an electric vehicle infrastructure developer, where he spent seven years elevating AeroVironment into the industry leader, spearheading the company’s global expansion and launching its fleet management software solution. 

He held roles in business development, finance, and strategy for several venture-backed technology start-ups.

In this episode, we cover several key topics including:
Jordan & EV Connect Update [2:32 – 3:45]
EV Adoption Analysis [3:50 – 5:18]
Manufacturer & Automaker Forecasts [5:20 – 7:00]
Communication Standards [7:05 – 8:26]
Global Standardization [8:32 – 9:28]
API & Smart Grids [9:30 – 11:54]
EVSE & Smart Chargers [11:56 – 14:00]
V2G [14:05 – 15:22]
Legislation & Clean Air Mandates [15:33 – 17:30]
International EV Adoption (Europe) [17:30 – 19:38]
EVSE Operations & Maintenance [19:40 – 22:56]
Causes EVSE Inoperability [22:58 – 24:28]
Average EV Connect Charge Length [24:30 – 25:33]
Out There Questions with Rue [25:41 – 29:00]
And lots more!

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Resources mentioned in this article

  1. Learn more about EV Connect!
  2. What is  the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCCP) Global Standard?
  3. A breakdown of ISO 15118
  4. More on V2G
  5. Jordan’s family cars: the Chevy Bolt & Tesla Model S 

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