Jim Cahill of Sunrun Tackles EV Adaptation and Reliability

We welcome Jim Cahill to EV Chat for episode 5. Jim currently oversees the Northwest Operations for Sunrun and has been with the company for almost three years.  Previously, he spent 10+ years growing SolarCity and transitioned to Tesla for several years after the acquisition of SolarCity.

Prior to joining SolarCity, Jim was co-founder and ran operations for Clean Fuel Connection, Inc. from 1999 to 2008 (founded with his partner Enid Joffe, EV Chat Episode 3 guest) which installed Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) for many OEMs including Toyota, GM, and Honda.  Prior to Clean Fuel Connection, Jim worked for Edison EV helping to install public and residential EVSE for the GM EV1.

In this episode, we cover several key topics including:
The latest at Sunrun Vivint [3:45 – 5:00]
V2G [5:15 – 6:15]
Off-grid and peak demand/ peak load shaving [6:35 – 8:25]
EV battery standardization [8:40 – 9:20]
Smart homes and cloud communciation [9:20 – 10:42]
Global adaptation [10:43 –  12:55]
EV permitting woes [13:05 – 14:10]
EV lessons learned [14:10 – 16:35]
Uptime availability and EV reliability [16:40 – 18:30]
Which EV is Jim most excited about? [18:35 – 20:00]
Reminiscing on the EV1 [20:10 – 21:10]
Jim’s funniest EV moment [21:15 – 23:02]
Funding for electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) infrastructure [23:05 – 24:55]
How would Jim spend $5 billion for the EV industry?  [25:11 – 26:10]
The US Post Office and fleet incentives [26:16 – 27:20]
And lots more!

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