Jennifer Mefford of EVITP on EVSE Safety and O&M 101

For our season finale of Season 2, we are honored to welcome Jennifer Mefford, director of business development and industry promotion for the southeastern Michigan chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association and national co-chair of the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (or EVITP).  

Jennifer is an expert workforce development specialist who has spent the last dozen years promoting safety and competence for electrical contractors and is a true advocate for EV infrastructure and safe operations and maintenance of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting from Central Michigan University and is still active in the broadcast media community.

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In this episode, Rue and Jennifer cover several key topics including:

Intro to Jennifer and EVITP [3:30 – 5:40]
What is the EVITP Program? [5:41 – 6:22]
EVITP = Opportunity [6:23 -6:58]
5,000 Licensed and Qualified Technicians [7:00 – 9:00]
Electrician Education & Expertise [9:00 – 11:03]
Skilled Labor in the Market [11:04 – 13:40]
Training Hotspots for O&M [13:41 – 15:04]
Safety is the Heart of Training [15:05 – 16:56]
EVITP’s work with Legislation [16:57 – 19:14]
Safety & Policy [19:15 – 22:04]
O&M and Service [22:05 – 23:13]

Fluke Corporation Sponsor Segment [23:14 – 24:27]

Key Considerations for EV Drivers [24:28 –  27:54]
Labor Shortage [27:55 – 33:16]
What Makes a Qualified Candidate? [33:17 – 35:04]
One Wish for the 5B Budget? [35:05 – 37:00]
What’s Next for EVITP? [37:01 – 38:40]
Outreach in Disadvantaged Communities [38:41 – 40:40]

Resources mentioned in this article:
1. Learn more about the EVITP Program 
2. Learn more about Fluke Corporation test and measurement tools

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