Jeff Allen, Executive Director of Forth, on Equitable EV Access

This week, we are delighted to welcome Jeff Allen, Executive Director of Forth, to EV Chat for the season 1 finale to discuss electric vehicle equitable access.

Forth is a nonprofit trade association that brings together policy advocacy, consumer engagement, industry development, and special projects to advance electric, shared, and smart transportation. Jeff is a seasoned executive with more than two decades of experience in organizational and development, team management, strategic planning, and public policy and affairs. Jeff earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley.

In this episode, Rue and Jeff cover several key topics including:
An Introduction to Forth [2:08- 3:11]
Forth and the Electrification Ecosystem [3:11 – 4:00]
Hands-on demo projects and programs [4:02 – 4:50]
Public policy and advocacy [4:50 – 5:50]
Forth’s CRuSE project [5:52 – 6:20]
Tackling challenges through CRuSE [6:20 – 7:35]
Equitable EV access [8:15-10:18]
Barriers in expanding equity [10:18-13:35]
Education and awareness [13:36-14:26]

Sponsor Segment: Fluke’s FEV100 [14:27 – 15:57]

Forth beyond Oregon [15:59-16:32]
EVSE challenges in rural areas [16:34-20:03]
Jeff’s thoughts on the Congressional infrastructure legislation [20:04-21:11]
What would Jeff add to the bill? [21:12-23:04]
Incentives and mandates [23:05-24:29]
What is Oregon doing on the mobility front? [24:30-26:25]
What is Jeff driving? [26:26-27:55]
Wackiest thing Jeff has done in an EV? [27:56-28:48]

Resources mentioned in this article:

  1. Learn more about Forth here
  2. Read more about Forth’s CRuSE Project here
  3. More on Fluke’s work with Electric Tractors
  4. Check out Fluke’s FEV100, the latest and greatest EV Charging Station EVSE Adapter

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