EV Charging Stations 101 with Robert Rizzo of 365 Pronto, Inc.

Welcome back to EV Chat. This season, we’re going back to school, bringing you deep dives into the key components and terms in electric vehicle infrastructure.  

This week, our lesson is EV Charging 101, where we explore how you—current and future EV drivers—get all those anodes and cathodes to power your car. If you’ve ever wondered how the heck an electric vehicle charging station works, we’ve got just the episode for you. 

We are excited to have Robert Rizzo, 365 Pronto’s Vice President of EV Solutions and Infrastructure, to the show. With nearly a quarter-century of experience in the EV battery space, he is an encyclopedia of knowledge about how EV chargers work. 

In this episode, Rue and Rob cover several key topics including:
Rob Rizzo Intro & 365 Pronto [4:35 – 5:30]
Main Components of EV Charging Station [5:32 – 7:44]
Finding & Using an EV Charging Station [7:45 – 8:42]
Reserving & Paying for an EV Charger [8:43 – 11:10]
Standardization across EV Manufacturers [11:12 – 12:55]
Thoughts on “Topping Off” EV Batteries [12:56 – 14:30]

365 Pronto Sponsor Break [14:30 – 16:00]

Thoughts on EV Charging Length(s) [16:01 – 17:24]
Passing Time at an EV Charging Station [17:25 – 19:00]
EV Charging Reliability & Operability [19:01 – 21:16]
Thoughts Planning & Locations [21:17 – 22:39]
Finding & Stimulus for EV Adoption [22:40 – 24:58]
Educating the Labor Force [25:00 – 26:43]

Resources mentioned in this article:
 Charging Infrastructure Terminology 

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