EV School Buses with Sue Gander of World Resources Institute

This week, we’re talking about all things EV school buses. If you’re new to EV Chat, you picked a wonderful place to drop in. 

Get caught up by listening to episodes 1 and 2 where we unpacked the ABCs of EV and all the terminology you need to get up to speed on electric vehicle jargon and industry terms. 

We are absolutely honored to welcome Sue Gander from the World Resources Institute to the show this week. 
Sue is one of the nation’s top clean energy and infrastructure experts. She’s spent two decades working with the likes of the Center for Clean Air Policy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Governor’s Association. Sue was brought on to WRI in July of 2021 to spearhead its EV School Bus Initiative. 
Sue earned a bachelor’s degree in public policy from Brown University and a master’s degree in public policy, energy, and environment from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. And, in 2020, she founded the D.C. chapter of Women of Electric Vehicles.  

In this episode, Rue and Sue cover several key topics including:

More about Sue and her work at WRI [5:00 – 6:17]
Benefits of electrifying school buses [6:18 – 9:22]
Equity and EV transformation [9:23 – 12:47]
The public and kiddos’ reaction(s) to EV buses [12:57 – 14:07]
Looking past the startup cost of EV buses [14:08 – 15:57]
Long-term maintenance savings of EV buses [15:58 – 17:45]
Green Tech curriculum in the classrooms [17:46 – 18:42]
What other districts can learn from EV programs [18:43 – 20:18]
EV buses and V2G [20:19 – 21:45]
Solar integration and EV buses [21:46 – 22:45]
Funding and federal support [22:46 – 25:30]
Bolstering EV buses in your community [25:31 – 26:31]
The enthusiasm from EV bus drivers [26:32 – 27:34]

Resources mentioned in this article:
1. Learn more about World Resources Institute
2. Dive deeper into E School Bus 4 Kids – a fantastic resource

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