EV Batteries 101 with Rue and Dr. Abas Goodarzi

Welcome to back to EV Chat, powered by 365 Pronto. This season, we’re going back to school, bringing you deep dives into the key components and terms in electric vehicle infrastructure.  

If you’re new to the podcast—and to the world of EVs—be sure to check out the previous episodes where we unpack all of the acronyms and jargon that we commonly use. You won’t regret it! A few shows back, we brought you an overview of EV charging stations, where we broke down the different types and talked about the uses of each. Today, we’re going explore the thing that will keep America driving for decades to come: the electric vehicle battery. 
To help us with this task, our resident scientist, Dr. Abas Goodarzi of U.S. Hybrid will join us in a bit. Dr. Abas Goodzari is the Chief Scientist at Ideanomics and the CEO of U.S. Hybrid.  

In this episode, Rue and the Doc cover several key topics including:
Key Parts & Terms Breakdown [2:08 – 4:03]
Most Common Battery Types [4:04 – 6:08]
Recycling EV Batteries [6:09 – 7:55]
DC Aggregation with Solar & EVs [7:56 – 10:08]

365 Pronto Sponsor Break [10:09 – 11:40]

V2G Implementation [11:41 – 15:13]
Econonmics of EV Ownership [15:14- 17:59]
Demystifying EV Installation [18:00 – 18:59]
Decreasing EV Costs [19:01 – 21:57]
Where Would We Be if EVs Were Adopted Earlier? [21:58 – 22:38]

Resources mentioned in this article:
1. Learn more about Ideanomics and US Hybrid

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