Enid Joffe of Clean Fuel Connection on Electric Fleet Solutions

In this week’s EV Chat podcast, Rue Phillips interviews Enid Joffe, an EV industry veteran of 30 years. Enid is the Co-Founder and President of Clean Fuel Connection, recently sold to Green Commuter, an all-electric vanpool provider in California that combines vanpooling, car sharing, and fleet replacement.

Most recently, Enid serves as the Senior Vice President at Galileo Technologies which focuses on making the production, transportation, and consumption of natural gas, biomethane, and hydrogen more economically viable. Enid has also created Green Paradigm Consulting to help spread her expertise and share her wisdom.

In this episode, we cover several key topics including:

EV adoption [4:15 – 5:20]
Political landscape and clean energy professionals [5:23 – 6:30]
Technology and innovation [6:33 – 8:13]
Industry hurdles and EV accessibility  [8:25 – 9:55]
Government funding and policies [10:00 – 11:05]
Utilities and demand [11:05 – 13:15]
Permitting [14:42 – 15:55]
What is Enid driving? [16:50 – 18:00]
EV infrastructure: EV adoption and solutions [18:05 – 23:45]
EV charging misconceptions [24:12 – 25:10]
99% uptime guarantees on public EV chargers [25:20 – 26:25]
Electric vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology [26:30 – 28:10]
Enid’s wish for EVs [28:22 – 29:00]

Connect with Enid on Linkedin.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  1. Clean Fuel Connection
  2. Galileo Technologies
  3. Green Commuter
  4. EPRI Guide to Charging
  5. Multi-Family Dwelling Charging 

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