All About L1, L2, L3, DC Fast Chargers with James Tillman of Brytemove

We’ve got a great show lined up for you today. We’re talking about something near and dear to our hearts: EV charging stations. 

In this episode, we’ll talk about the differences between the types of electric vehicle chargers, where they’re installed, and the types of equipment they use. Along with Rue for the ride this week is James Tillman of Brytemove. 

James has been in the automotive and mobility space for twenty years, focusing on EV since 2009.  

James previously worked with NRG to develop an L2 network to support future EVs and with Nissan to make Houston a first-wave launch city for the Nissan LEAF with the promise of a comprehensive DC Fast Charging Network.  In 2010 James became the fifth employee of the newly launched EVgo. 

He is a pioneer in Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform and the optimization and electrification of fleets working for startups Vision Fleet and Evercar.   

His current role at Brytemove energy (formerly known as MaxGen Energy Services) is to develop relationships across the industry and uncover growth opportunities for the company. 

In this episode, Rue and James cover several key topics, including:

More about Brytemove [5:23 – 6:42]
“I installed those charging stations!” [7:00 – 7:32]
Designing and planning an EV project (7:33 – 10:20]
Mapping out a site for EV chargers [10:21 – 12:21]
Future-proofing and site owner education [12:22 – 14:15]
DC vs. L2: What is James picking? [16:14 – 15:39]
Biggest hurdles to getting DC charging installation [15:40 – 16:43]
Cost breakdown (per kW) [16:44 – 20:57]

365 Pronto Sponsor Segment [20:58 – 22:30]

EV charging etiquette [22:31 – 25:28]
Thoughts on the current administration’s goals [25:35 – 28:19]
Where should the infrastructure investment go? [28:20 – 31:21]
EV Cafes: What do you think? [31:37 – 33:10]
James rates our current EV infrastructure? [33:11 – 35:26]
Impact of stimulus and government investment on Brytemove [ 35:27 – 37:40]
Wackest thing James has done in an EV [37:41 – 39:33]

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