3G Shutdown on the Horizon: What Solar Owners Should Know

As early as February 22, major telecommunications carriers will cease to support devices operating on 2G and 3G networks. While many consumers have already replaced their phones with new, 5G-ready models, owners and operators of solar installations—and even electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)—may have more to do to prepare for the end of 3G

The 3G sunset will impact more than 22 million devices, including mobile phones, smart-home devices, EVSE, and the meters that monitor and communicate solar system output. 

Here are three things to know about the 3G sunset’s impact on solar owners: 

  • If solar owners do not replace their meters and modems operating on older networks with new models, when the 3G shutdown happens, they will no longer be able to interact with their systems, and their meters and modems will no longer communicate solar output and monitor the system’s production. 
  • Without this critical communication, businesses and consumers could miss valuable incentives and production credits like SRECs, significantly impacting the system’s return on investment costing homeowners and portfolio owners thousands of dollars per annum. 
  • Pandemic-related factory workforce shortages, delays at major ports, and increased demand are causing backlogs for meters and modems. Consumers who do not reserve their equipment now could be waiting into the third quarter for their new meters and modems. 

“While it’s normal for telecommunications companies to discontinue support for outdated technology, the 3G sunset represents a critical moment for people owning or operating solar systems and EVSE,” said Henry Dziuba, 365 Pronto’s Chief Revenue Officer. 

Dziuba, who has over a decade of experience in solar energy, noted that the impact of the 3G sunset on cleantech has been underreported in media thus far. Dziuba said that 365 Pronto’s 3G sunset equipment replacement programs have guided companies through ordering equipment, conducting customer outreach and support, and scheduling the equipment’s installation with a local 365 Pronto provider.  

“Logistics have become extremely difficult over the past few months, and companies should act now to help their customers upgrade their equipment ahead of the 3G sunset,” Dziuba added. “Any additional delays in action could tack on several months to anticipated delivery and installation dates—which could result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost incentives for some customers.” 

For more information about the 3G sunset, or 365 Pronto’s solutions, contact mediarelations@365pronto.com.