365 Pronto Unveils New Platform, Smartphone Apps

365 Pronto Inc., the innovative platform transforming the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and renewable energy operations and maintenance (O&M), service, and installation landscape, revealed its new platform and ground-breaking apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.

These additions to 365 Pronto’s technology offerings illustrate the company’s commitment to an unparalleled seamless and efficient user experience. The 365 Pronto platform matches EVSE and renewable energy sector customers and their assets local to its on-demand providers and their technicians. 

During its showcase at the 2019 Solar Power International (SPI) Convention in Salt Lake City, 365 Pronto successfully demonstrated its automated asset DNA-match technology.  The company’s unique DNA-match technology compares the customer’s location, asset, and scope of work requirements to the qualifications of the provider, installer, or service technician to deliver the perfect economic and technical match. 365 Pronto’s platform automatically establishes the contract and dispatches the installer or service technician. 

365 Pronto delivers its provider partners and their service technicians a new and local opportunity and offers its customers a one-stop, automated environment to achieve unrivaled maintenance and installation cost efficiencies for their solar photovoltaic, EVSE, and battery-supported assets. 

365 Pronto is proud to have an exclusive partnership with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners®(NABCEP). NABCEP is one of the most well-established and widely recognized national certification organizations for professionals in the field of renewable energy. This partnership provides 365 Pronto with a source of independent technicians and providers for customers who need immediate and local service for their residential, commercial, and utility solar systems; EV charging stations; and battery storage facilities.  

Rue Phillips, Founder and President of 365 Pronto, commented, “I am thrilled and this day has come. I have a passion to Uber-ize this industry and can’t wait to have our customers and provider partners get onboard our game-changing 365 Pronto platform. Let’s go!” 

365 Pronto has engaged hundreds of providers and their technicians after its showcase at SPI, and already boasts provider partners in nearly every US market. The app-driven platform is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and—through its qualified provider—aims to reduce costs and deliver a high-quality service to its customers nationwide.