365 Pronto Processes Team Record 30 Work Orders in under 30 Minutes

When our partners have big jobs that need to be done right and done fast, they call us. Recently, a 365 Pronto customer in Texas reached out to us with an urgent need to process 30 work orders. The 365 Pronto platform processed 30 work orders in 30 minutes with minimal intervention. That’s not just fast…that’s PRONTO, and it’s a new record for our team. 

365 Pronto’s ability to effectively process large, high-stakes work orders isn’t just isolated to Texas or a single customer. We can make this happen across the country, and for YOU. Our revolutionary platform is ready to match you with our nationwide network of certified and competent providers to service and maintain your solar, electric vehicle charging, and related IoT and battery storage devices.  

Watch the video below to learn more about how 365 Pronto can help you manage your cleantech assets.