AT&T 3G Network SHUT DOWN February 22, 2022

Sprint 3G CDMA (T-Mobile) SHUT DOWN March 31, 2022


365 Pronto offers end-to-end modem replacement as a bundled services solution across your entire solar portfolio

Note: This is a service offering for commercial clients such as SREC brokers/aggregators, asset management firms, and portfolio owners. If you are a homeowner in need of a modem replacement, contact us at

Portfolio Equipment Analysis 

We get it. You’ve got legacy data, incomplete records, and a hot mess of equipment data lumped all together in a raw file. No sweat, we’ll sort it for you.

  • Assess the variety and count of meter/inverter manufacturers in your portfolio 
  • Assess the variety and count of differing equipment model numbers  
  • Sort and categorize the knowns and unknowns in your data set 
  • Identify missing information that can be appended elsewhere 
  • Identify and segregate like-for-like replacements from needed custom solutions 

Selection, Purchasing, and Delivery

Logistics can be a nightmare, especially in a world of supply chain disruptions. 365 Pronto handles the entirety of selection, purchasing, and delivery for you. 

  • Identifying which parts and model numbers are needed and in what quantity 
  • Coordination and costs associated with procurement of all equipment  
  • Coordination and costs associated with deliveries from the proposed manufacturer  
  • Unit tracking and end-destination delivery updates 

End-User Communications and Outreach

Getting thousands of distributed system owners to swap their equipment out is a herculean project. We handle that outreach for you through effective direct response marketing. 

  • Smart: email subject line A/B testing, date/time optimized workflow sends and more 
  • Your branding: Ghostwritten by us, but sent from your domain with your branding 
  • Privacy-forward: Clear and visible opt-out and unsubscribe options  
  • Fully compliant: we follow all consumer privacy laws including CAN-SPAM and CCPA 
  • Designed for results: above-average conversion rates across the board 

End-User Registration and Secure Payment 

A simple, three-page set-up assistant lets system owners quickly and easily register their systems for their 3G equipment swap out.    

  • Average user completion time in just 6 minutes  
  • Clean display across mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Entered email address auto-populates known fields  
  • No menial equipment data input, just click to confirm!  
  • Secure and easy payment processing  
  • Online chat function for instant assistance where needed
  • Custom programs available for third-party ownership models (leasing, asset management, etc.) 

New Equipment Installation and Testing 

  • Hands-off scheduling: conducted by 365 Pronto’s network of local providers
  • Built-in appointment confirmation and proof of identity security for homeowners  
  • Safe and compliant physical replacement of equipment 
  • Setup and validation of the modem to confirm that communications have been re-established  
  • Back-end verification of completed work and finalized report submission 

Customer Support Training 

We provide contextual education on the 3G sunset to your customer support staff and training to address inbound inquiries from system owners.  

  • Program overview + scope of work  
  • Pre-scripted call answers for likely-to-ask questions  
  • Pre-drafted text snippets for responses sent by email
  • Triggered keyword lists for your support chat bots (ZenDesk, Olark, etc.)  
  • Printable, easy-to-reference, support materials for frontline staff  
  • QA/QC calls to test your rep’s knowledge